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Deidara - be free by TaNa-Jo
by TaNa-Jo

WOW. The colors are breathtaking, and you made Deidara's expression like he is having the greatest time of his life. ^^ I love texture ...


Undertale: Megalovania - Pen Sketch by OokamiWarrior1234
Undertale: Megalovania - Pen Sketch
FINALLY posted one of my many Sans doodles!! Guys, this week has been hectic because of school work and church, and... I'm just so tired. ^^; I did this sketch with pen and markers during my classes, and I was really proud how it turned out; the Gaster Blasters are SO MUCH fun to draw!! X3 But yeah, I listened to Megolovania the whole time I was making this. XD
Hope y'all like it! X3
TFP OC: Lex - Violinist by OokamiWarrior1234
TFP OC: Lex - Violinist
Okay, this is officially what I wanted Lex to be: a musician. I'll get more into her back story later, but she basically worked a a diner where she performed-- she was trying to reach higher before the revolution began with Megatron and his followers. She didn't exactly pick a side yet, even though she thought the caste system was unfair. She somewhat remained neutral until the 'Cons began violent tactics to get what they wanted. She started helping the Bots bit by bit until...

Stay tuned. ;P

P.S. YES, i was inspired by Lindsey Stirling. X3
Undertale: Undyne x Alphys by OokamiWarrior1234
Undertale: Undyne x Alphys
The jock and the nerd again! X3 This time in their dating attire! X3

I do not own Undertale
Undertale: Doodles (Undyne x Alphys) by OokamiWarrior1234
Undertale: Doodles (Undyne x Alphys)
Okay, these two are really cute together, and I can't help but imagine Mettaton getting them together for dates and stuff like that! X3

I do not own Undertale
   OKAY!! I have been having a MAJOR Artist-block/Passion-Lock, and it's driving me INSANE!! O____O
One of the important reasons? I CAN'T DECIDE BETWEEN CHARACTERS TO DRAW!
This is where you guys come in! Out of these video game characters, who should I sketch?

  1) Chris Redfield - Resident Evil
  2) Alex Mercer - Prototype
  3) Delsin Rowe - Infamous: Second Son
  4) Nilin - Remember Me
  5) Ezio Auditore - Assassin's Creed 2
  6) Albert Wesker - Resident Evil
  7) Jake Muller - Resident Evil
  8) Leon S. Kennedy - Resident Evil
  9) Desmond Miles - Assassin's Creed 
10) Ellis - Left 4 Dead
11) Clementine - Tell Tale Games' Walking Dead (Season 1 or 2...?)


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My name's Abby! I love to draw, write, and MANY other things!! I'm into anime and manga!!! Ohiyo, fellow otakus!!

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